The Bolton Technical Blade XL 5G OTR Cellular Vehicle Antenna
Was: $119.99
Now: $101.99
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The Bolton Technical Blade XL 5G OTR Cellular Vehicle Antenna

Was: $119.99
Now: $101.99

Redefining Cellular Connectivity On-the-Road

  • Wideband, Covers 600 to 3750 MHz
  • 43.5 Inches Tall
  • Up to 4.4 dBi Gain
  • Rugged, Whistle-Free Construction
  • Fits Any Rig with Customizable Mounting Options

Redefining Cellular Connectivity On-the-Road  

The Bolton Blade XL 5G OTR Cellular Trucker Antenna is optimized for big rigs. Almost double the size of other cellular antennas for semis, the Blade XL easily rises above the cab and captures the strongest 5G/4G/LTE signals available from all directions. Hook it up to any vehicle cell phone signal booster and watch the frequency and duration of dead zones significantly decrease. Say goodbye to boring disconnected drives and hello to uninterrupted voice, text, and streaming. .

While you're zooming down the highway, the whistle-free wrap ensures your drive stays as smooth and as quiet as a library. Thanks to our robust mast, the "shake, rattle, and roll" is just for your tunes, not your antenna. This ensures the Blade XL constantly sends and receives the strongest cell signals.

Whether you've got those classic West Coast trucker mirrors or you're rocking the latest tow style mirrors – we've got a mount that suits your rig. With the quick-disconnect SMA-Female coax cable and quick-release mount adapter, setting up and taking down the Blade XL is super easy.

Item No. BT151885
Frequency Range and Typical Gain 600 MHz - -6.4 dBi, 698-806 MHz - 2.7 dbi, 806-960 MHz - 2.1 dBi, 1710-1880 MHz - 4.4 dBi, 1850-1990 MHz - 2.7 dBi, 1910-2170 MHz - 2.4 dBi, 2300-2700 MHz - 3.9 dBi, 3600-3750 MHz - 2.3 dBi
Max Gain 4.4 dBi
Input Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization Type Vertical
Connector Type 4M/13ft Coax Cable Extension (Included) LMR®200 Type SMA Male/SMA Male (SMA Female - FME Female Adapter Included)
Antenna Length 597 mm, 23.5 in
Coax Cable Length 38 mm, 1.5" to termination
Quick Connect Coax Cable Type RG-58 (88240)
Radome Material Tinend Copper
Radome Material High Rigidity ABS
Radome Color UV Resistant Black
15' Coax Cable (included) LMR 200- SMA Male/SMA Male
Warranty Term 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Assembled in the USA Yes

You have questions. We have answers.

Why Should I Buy the Blade XL?

If your cell booster’s vehicular antenna is broken, or you want to upgrade to a more powerful antenna capable of greater transmit and receive range, the Blade is a great choice. It’ll work in all signal environments and impress you when you’re in the weakest signal areas.

Can the Blade XL Be Used with a Cellular Router?

Yes! The Blade will excel IF your cellular router features a single “external antenna” connection (called SISO). If your device has two “external antenna” connections (called MIMO), telephone or email us and we’ll show you available options.

Is the Blade XL only for Trucks?

No! The amazing Blade antenna will work with most any vehicle including sedans, SUV’s, pickup trucks, RV’s ATV/UTV’s and, yes, 18-wheelers. With our broad selection of vehicle-specific antenna mounts, we can help you find the one best suited for your application if you have any questions.

Do I Need an Adapter to Connect to the Signal Booster?

The short coax cable that exits the base of the Blade antenna is terminated with an SMA Female connector. We offer 4M and 6M coax extension cables with the connector needed for your cellular signal booster. Our antenna kits include a 4M coax cable that utilizes either an SMA Male or FME Female connector. If you can’t identify what connector you have on your booster, call or email us and we’ll help out before your purchase.

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