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The Arrow 5G LPDA Cellular Antenna
Was: $249.99
Now: $219.99
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The Arrow 5G LPDA Cellular Antenna

Was: $249.99
Now: $219.99

The Arrow 5G: a true 5G LPDA. This hits the sweet spot for most people: excellent range, great price, simple to install on any roof. Get better home internet and reliable connection.

  • Over 5 Miles of Range, easy to point
  • Covers 617-3800 MHz cellular bandwidths, including 5G and 4G
  • Up to +12dBi of gain
  • 30° directional beam
  • Reliable, weatherproof construction
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The Arrow 5G is the sweet spot for power, range, and efficiency. If you’ve got trouble getting 5G signal in your home or building, the Arrow 5G will find it and bring it where it’s needed.

Take one glance at The Arrow 5G, and you’ll know where the name comes from. It’s like a giant arrowhead. But this arrow sends cell signal zipping to and from your nearest cell tower, bringing stronger cell signal inside.

The Arrow 5G provides nearly double the power and range of a yagi antenna. It strikes a balance between power, range, and ease of install even if the tower is over 5 miles away. The maximum of +12 dBi of gain will give you the boost of signal strength your system needs in weak signal areas. It covers low-band and some mid-band 5G and all 4G bandwidths worldwide.

The Arrow 5G covers all T-Mobile's low-band 5G, Verizon’s n2, n5, and n66 low-band 5G, Verizon’s n77 mid-band 5G, and AT&T’s n5 low-band 5G plus n77 mid-band 5G. It also includes all 4G bands across all American carriers, major and minor.

Its arrow-shaped design allows for simple sight aiming. The Arrow will never seem out of place on any rooftop or façade, so homeowners can rest easy. Compatible with 50 Ohm coaxial cable, the Arrow 5G has an N-Female termination.

The Bolton Technical Arrow 5G works with all cell phone signal boosters (weBoost, SureCall, Nextivity, etc.). It works tremendously with any cellular router, 5G or 4G, and radically improves home internet speeds. What’s more, the Arrow 5G is future-proof for any later 5G signal boosters by any brand.

You have questions. We have answers.

What 5G Bands does the Arrow 5G Cover?

The Arrow 5G covers all T-Mobile's low-band 5G, Verizon’s n2, n5, and n66 low-band 5G, Verizon’s n77 mid-band 5G, and AT&T’s n5 low-band 5G plus n77 mid-band 5G.

When Should I Buy the Arrow 5G

The Arrow 5G is a more powerful cellular antenna than a typical yagi, but less powerful than the Bolton Long Ranger. It is best used in areas with weak cellular signal or difficult terrain, where its directionality can be its best asset.

Importantly, you should be sure your system can handle the increased gain of The Arrow 5G. For example, if you live in a strong signal area and don’t have a system with automatic gain control, there is a risk of signal overload using high-gain antennas.

It is a strict upgrade over the traditional 4G Bolton Arrow, as it covers the same bandwidths in addition to 5G.

What Kinds of Signal Does the Arrow 5G Capture? What Radio Bandwidths?

The Arrow 5G captures any signal between the 617-3800 MHz bandwidths. That includes low-band 5G and all 4G & LTE cellular signals. This covers all US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, U.S. Cellular and more), Canadian carriers (Rogers, Bell, Telus, more), Mexican carriers (Telcel, Movistar, AT&T Mexico), and far more.

What Does dB Mean? What About Gain?

dB refers to the power gain of the antenna, and the higher the number, the more powerful the signal from that antenna. As dB is measured on a logarithmic scale, every +3 dB represents a doubling of the power.

Will the Arrow Work with My Carrier?

The Arrow will work on any US or Canadian carrier, as well as most cellular carriers worldwide. If you are not sure your country’s carrier will work with The Arrow, verify whether your service falls within the 617-3800 MHz bandwidth, and if so, it will work.

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