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General Questions

How Do I Know if a Bolton Cell Phone Booster Will Work for Me?
Will Bolton Cell Phone Boosters Work With 5G?

Yes! Our Bolton booster line will work alongside 5G. It boosts any 5G signal on any of the old 3G frequencies, and carriers will continue to rely on 4G LTE networks for the next decade and beyond.

Which Booster Will Work Best for Me?

We’ve carefully crafted a variety of kits for all sorts of uses.

Our standard kits that will work for most people are the Victory Yagi / Panel and the Velocity Vehicle kit. Those are the ones we recommend most often.

However, if you’re not sure either of these kits fits your needs, give us a call at 1-888-987-2658 for a free consultation.

Do Bolton Cell Phone Boosters Work Outside the United States?

Bolton cell phone boosters are only rated to work with American carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. However, cellular technologies used outside the USA are largely the same as the ones used by these carriers. Thus, the boosters will have some effect even outside the US.

However, we cannot guarantee total coverage of all non-US carrier bands, therefore we cannot recommend using them outside the US.

Are Bolton Cell Boosters Compatible with All Brands of Cell Phones?

Absolutely. The bands utilized by the American cellular network are universal across all phones sold domestically.

Do cell phone signal boosters amplify Wi-Fi?

Not directly. A Bolton cell booster will only help Wi-Fi when being used through a cellular modem/router or hotspot.

How many devices will a Bolton cellular booster improve the signal for?

It depends on the model of booster and your outdoor signal strength. Theoretically, a Bolton booster can boost as many devices within the coverage area from the inside antenna.

However, we generally say the Victory can handle up to 8 simultaneous devices and the Velocity can handle up to 4, though this number could be higher or lower.

Will a Bolton booster work with my cell carrier?

Absolutely! Bolton boosters work for EVERY American cell carrier across all bands, from major carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T to smaller regional carriers or MVNOs.

Can I use a single booster for both home and vehicle use?

No. Cell phone boosters are specifically optimized for home or vehicle use per FCC regulation. We don’t recommend using a home booster in your vehicle or vice versa.

Your website says my booster will cover X square feet, but I’m not getting that much coverage. What gives?

The square footage recommendations we’ve made are meant to be taken as best-case scenarios and will not necessarily reflect true coverage footprints for Bolton boosters.

True coverage will depend on numerous factors, including but not limited to:

  • Strength of outdoor signal (stronger signal = more coverage)
  • Layout of the interior of your building
  • Number of indoor antennas
  • Length and type of indoor cable

Bolton cell phone signal booster kits are created to maximize potential coverage with our high-quality accessories, but if you have weak outdoor signal or a complex interior layout, you can expect lower coverage.

What is the range of the inside antenna?

That will depend on two factors:

  • The strength of signal from the cell tower
  • The output power of your signal booster kit

The stronger the tower signal is before it is amplified by the signal booster, the greater range you will have from your inside antenna. Weak signal may grant as little as a single room of range, while strong signal can provide whole home coverage.

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