The Tall Boy 5G FME
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The Tall Boy 5G FME


This Mighty Tall Antenna Gets You Superb Signal in Your Vehicle

  • 50 Ohm Vehicle Mounted Cellular Antenna
  • 12 size, magnet mount for powerful grip
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That’s one tall boy. He’ll get you even stronger signal for your vehicle than you

The Tall Boy is an upgrade to the typical 4” vehicle antenna you usually find in mobile signal booster kits. It’ll bring a significantly greater amount of signal into your system - roughly double the power of the Bolton Mighty Mag, at up to +6.1 dBi of gain.

The Tall Boy is a powerful outdoor omnidirectional antenna for vehicles, designed to be placed atop a car, truck, SUV, or boat. Adhering to the outside of a vehicle using its magnetic mount, The Tall Boy captures all cellular (4G, LTE, 3G) signal in its radius and brings it inside. It can also be used on any M2M or IoT signal booster to improve its performance, as well.

The Tall Boy is a 12-inch, magnet mounted, 50 Ohm omnidirectional cellular antenna with 10 feet of RG-174 cable terminated with an SMA-J connection.

The Tall Boy antenna works with all cell phone signal boosters (weBoost, SureCall, Cel-Fi, etc.), and cellular hotspots (Pepwave, MoFi, Netgear Nighthawk, etc).

You have questions. We have answers.

When Should I Buy the Tall Boy?

The Tall Boy is best purchased as an upgrade to the magnet mount antenna that comes kitted with the variety of vehicle signal boosters out there. It’s roughly twice as powerful as a 4” antenna, so if you want an inexpensive way to get a bit more power for your vehicle booster, the Tall Boy is a tremendous option.

What Kinds of Signal Does the Tall Boy Capture? What Radio Bandwidths?

The Tall Boy captures any signal between the 698-2700 MHz bandwidths. That includes all 4G/LTE/3G/2G cellular signal. This covers all North American carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and more) and most international carriers, as well. It captures this signal from all directions, so no complex installation is necessary.

What Does dB Mean? What About Gain?

dB refers to the power gain of the antenna, and the higher the number, the more powerful the antenna. As dB is measured on a logarithmic scale, every +3 dB represents a doubling of the power gain.

Will the Tall Boy Work with My Carrier?

The Tall Boy will work on any US or Canadian carrier, as well as most cellular carriers worldwide. If you are not sure your country’s carrier will work with The Tall Boy, verify whether your service falls within the 698-4000 MHz bandwidth, and if so, it will work.

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