The Sector High Gain Panel Antenna
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The Sector High Gain Panel Antenna


So easy to install, you'll be up boosting in minutes.

  • 50 Ohm Directional Cellular Antenna
  • For Indoor Use
  • High Gain, Up to 14.5 dBi
  • Covers 698-2700 Frequencies
  • N-Female Termination
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Say goodbye to signal dead zones and hello to seamless connectivity throughout your business.

The Sector High-Gain Panel Antenna supercharges any business when paired with any 50 Ohm commercial cellular booster. When compared to standard panel antennas kitted with commercial cellular boosters, the Sector proved to be superior. .

Large in size (26x11x5 in), it packs impressive power. It offers consistent high gain, up to 14.5 dBi, across frequencies 698-2700 MHz for all carriers. Having a horizontal beam of 54-76° and a vertical beam of 6-45° allows for unparalleled coverage. Under optimal conditions, a single antenna can cover up to 5,000 sq ft with reliable cellular signals. This means the Sector can help cut down the amount of indoor antennas and coaxial cable used, which translates to cost savings for your business.

Capable of single-handedly covering large areas, it’s perfect for parking garages, retail stores, manufacturing, warehouses, and other industries.

You have questions. We have answers.

When Should I Buy the Indoor Board 50?

The Bolton Technical Beacon high-gain panel antenna captures all cellular signals ranging from 698 to 2700 MHz. That includes 4G and low-band 5G.

Can the Sector Be Used as an Outdoor Antenna?

While predominantly designed for indoor use, it can be used outdoors. High gain, it can reach distant cell towers and deliver a stronger signal directly to your commercial cellular booster.

How Big is the Sector Antenna?

The Sector measures 26x11x5 in and weighs about 12 pounds without the mounting hardware.

Will the Sector Work with My Carrier?

The Sector will work with ANY cellular carrier. This includes all North American carriers – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Rogers, Bell, Telus, and more.

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