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Bolton Velocity Off-Road Vehicle Cellular Signal Booster

Was: $549.99
Now: $499.99

The Ideal Off-Road Companion

  • Improve Talk, Text and 4G/5G Data
  • Includes 23" Quick Disconnect Bolton Blade Antenna
  • Choice of M8 Rail RAM mount or Basket Clasp RAM mount
  • Fits all Off-Roading and Overlanding Vehicles
  • FREE Shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee
Where To Buy

The Bolton Technical Off-Road Kit significantly improves talk, text, and 4G/5G data across all cellular providers in environments far from cell towers. The Off-Road kit keeps you connected even when away from civilization. Take a call, send a text, download maps, or get on the web off the beaten path.

It comes with a powerful multi-carrier (covering Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular and more) amplifier offering up to 50 dB gain and up to 29 dBm uplink.

Paired with the Bolton Blade outdoor antenna, performance is unmatched. High-gain and wideband, you’ll receive the best possible connection. Its unique design and tough construction make it the #1 antenna for off-roading and overlanding. It doesn’t swing around all willy-nilly or whistle when driving at high speeds. Installing it on your rig is a breeze with your choice of M8 Rail RAM mount or Basket Clasp RAM mount. Featuring near-infinity adjustability, the Blade can be set up however you need it in whichever direction to easily accommodate your rooftop tent and other gear. Choose from a basket clasp or m8 rail mount.

Inside your off-roader, the B-Flat antenna broadcasts the strongest 4G/5G signals possible. Under optimal conditions, it can blanket an entire cabin with reliable cell reception.

Super customizable, there is a Velocity for all vehicle types. If you’re rolling in a standard car check out the Velocity Vehicle. For trucks and semis, see the Velocity Trucker.

You have questions. We have answers.

Why Should I Get the Bolton Velocity Off-Road?

The Velocity Off-Road was carefully crafted to provide max signal boost anywhere life takes you. It includes the most powerful amplifier and best cellular antennas optimized for overlanding and off-roading. With the versatile ball and socket mount, installation is hassle-free no matter how much gear you’re carrying. If you want the best of the best, the Velocity Off-Road is a no-brainer.

Will the Bolton Velocity Off-Road Work on All Trails?

Cellular boosters amplify existing cell signals, they do not create them. Thus, the Bolton Velocity Off-Road will keep you and your passengers connected on any trail or campground that has a sliver of cell signal.

Will the Bolton Velocity Off-Road Work Outside My Vehicle or Inside My Rooftop Tent?

The Bolton Velocity Off-Road is designed for in-vehicle use. Most often than not, the signal it broadcasts will not reach outside your cab. Though, if you move the inside antenna, it could work in hard-shell rooftop tents. With soft-shell tents, the signal may not propagate as needed to get a signal boost.

Can I Run a Hotspot with the Bolton Velocity Off-Road?

Yes. Hotspots rely on cellular signals to function. The Bolton Velocity Off-Road is designed to enhance cellular network connectivity. If a hotspot is within range of the Bolton Velocity Off-Road, it will receive stronger cellular signals and perform better.

Can the Bolton Velocity Off-Road Improve GPS Signal?

If your navigation system is powered by a cellular network, the Velocity Off-Road will improve your GPS signal.

How is the Bolton Velocity Off-Road Powered?

The Bolton Velocity Off-Road comes with a DC power supply (BT459815). You can connect it to your cigarette lighter or an external power supply that’s equipped to power the Velocity Off-Road. If you prefer it to be hardwired, a hardwired power supply is available separately.

What are the Bolton Blade Mounting Options?

If using the basket clasp, the Bolton Blade can be mounted on roof racks, ladders, and any cylindrical objects. As the name suggests, the m8 rail mount is for m8 rails.

Would the Bolton Blade Outside Antenna Interfere with Other Antennas?

As long as the Bolton Blade is installed about 6 to 12 inches away from other antennas, you should not experience any interference.

How Tall is the Bolton Blade?

The Bolton Blade measures 23.5 inches.

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