Bolton AL4 1/2" Plenum Coaxial Cable Spool
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Bolton AL4 1/2" Plenum Coaxial Cable Spool

  • Ultra-low loss cable meant for long, straight cable runs
  • Plenum-rated, high quality corrugated aluminum
  • NOTE: Connectors and termination sold separately
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High-Performing and Truly Customizable

This is AL4RPV-50, HELIAX® Plenum Rated Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable, made of corrugated aluminum, 1/2 in, off white PVC jacket.

Our coaxial cable is of the highest possible quality and grade. AL4 ½" cable has the lowest possible loss, with a maximum loss of only 2.17 dB for 100 ft at the 800 MHz band. See the complete specifications below for a complete listing of loss per frequency.

Bolton AL4 Half-Inch coax is plenum rated and usable in any plenum HVAC space. It can handle 5G, 4G, and LTE cellular, WiFi, public safety, CBRS, and more. It can be attached to any 50 ohm system, be it a base station, public saftey BDA, or cellular signal booster.

AL4RPV-50, HELIAX® is copyright Commscope, Inc.

Dielectric Material PE Spine
Jacket Material PVC
Inner Conductor Material Copper Clad aluminum wire
Outer conductor material Corrugated aluminum
Cable Impedance 50 ohm +- 2ohm
dc Resistance, Inner Conductor 1.575 ohms/km | 0.48 ohms/kft
dc Resistance, Outer Conductor 1.575 ohms/km | 0.48 ohms/kft
Max Gain 4.4 dBi
Input Impedance 50 Ohm
dc Test Voltage 4000 V
Insulation Resistance 100000 MOhms-km
Jacket Spark Test Voltage (rms) 5000 V
Operating Frequency Band 1 - 6000 V
Peak Power 40 kW
Diameter Over Jacket 15.748 mm | 0.62 in
Inner Conductor OD 4.572 mm | 0.18 in
Outer Conductor OD 14.046 mm | 0.553 in
Nominal Size 1/2 in
Minimum Bend Radius, multiple Bends 127 mm | 5 in
Minimum Bend Radius, Single Bend 63.5 mm | 2.5 in
Radome Color UV Resistant Black
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