The Beacon Indoor/Outdoor Suction Antenna 75 Ohm F-Female
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The Beacon Indoor/Outdoor Suction Antenna 75 Ohm F-Female


Two-Way, Indoor-Outdoor Directional Cellular Antenna

  • Two-way, indoor/outdoor antenna for maximum versatility
  • Suction to window for easy, no tool installation
  • Up to +7 dBi of gain for 75-Ohm systems, 698-2700 MHz
  • Directional, 90-degree aiming cone w/ swiveling action
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About the Bolton Beacon 4G Directional Antenna

The Beacon is a light in the darkness, a shining marker by which civilization can find you, even when you’re far away.

So too with the Bolton Beacon. This easy-to-install two-way antenna can be relied on to improve your cellular signal when paired with a Bolton Victory cell phone signal booster.

It can be installed inside or outside, and is Bolton Technical’s most versatile antenna. Requiring no tools to install, it’s the pick if you have weak signal in your house or apartment but have ornery landlords or HOA officials breathing down your neck. With the Beacon, even the most cantankerous won’t be able to find fault.

It captures or broadcasts any cellular frequencies in the 698-2700 MHz range.

Even better, there’s a bunch of options for the Beacon 5G:

  • 20 ft of attached cable w/ F-Male termination (BT684243) - For any interior installation, attaching directly to the Bolton Velocity cell signal booster.
  • 6 ft of attached cable w/ F-Female termination (BT684236) ) - For most outdoor installations where cable needs to be run indoors.
  • 10 inch pigtail w/ F-Female termination (BT684229) - For custom setups.

All variants come with a swivel platform for easy aiming, with suction cups for easy install.

For the 5G, N-Connector version see the Bolton Beacon 5G.

Call us at 1-888-987-2658 or email us at with any questions you may have.

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