Bolton Technical All ‘Rounder 75 Ohm Omnidirectional Antenna
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Bolton Technical All ‘Rounder 75 Ohm Omnidirectional Antenna


Our All-Around Great, Simple, Easy-to-Use Outdoor Antenna - The All-Rounder

  • 75 Ohm Outdoor Cellular Omnidirectional Antenna
  • Over a mile of range, with simple installation
  • Up to +dBi of gain
  • 360 degree captures signal from all sides
  • Covers 698-2700MHz cellular bandwidths, all cellular carriers
  • F Female connecter

The All ‘Rounder is all you need in one simple, easy-to-install package. This baby really does it all. Get better cell signal in an area with multiple towers, or in a valley.

When we were trying to think of a name for this thing, the question was asked, “What can it do?” It turns out that “What can’t it do?” is a much shorter list. Beyond making you coffee in the morning, we didn't come up with a whole lot - at least on the cellular reception front. However, this is not a page where you can buy coffee machines, so we reckon you are looking for a good, all-purpose cellular antenna and there is no omni-antenna more reliable or better performing than The Good Ol’ All-Rounder.

The All-Rounder is a fixture of the Bolton antenna lineup. It’s really simple to install and can be used for pretty much any application. It’s a common sight if you start looking for it around neighborhoods, strip malls, and free-standing buildings nationwide. To install it you only need to find an area of decent signal, put it up, connect it to your system, and forget about it. As it’s omni-directional, it doesn’t have to be pointed in any direction.

This version comes with an FME female connection, which stands for “for mobile equipment”, which is pretty self-explanatory. This thing will work for any 75 Ohm FCC-approved mobile applications like cellular boosters and even IoT systems.

The All-Rounder is designed for fixed building installations outside a home, office, or commercial space.

You have questions. We have answers.

When Should I Buy the All-Rounder?

The All-Rounder is our simplest outdoor antenna, and doesn’t require pointing or any additional setup once installed and plugged in. However, that simplicity and ease-of-use comes with the drawback of decreased range and gain: The All-Rounder provides up to +4 dBi of gain, which is less than a directional antenna.

Therefore, our main recommendation for The All-Rounder's use is in strong signal areas. If you have strong outdoor signal for several carriers, from different directions, The All-Rounder is a great choice. The All-Rounder is also amazing for valleys, where it can gather signal from higher altitudes.

Bear in mind that The All-Rounder is a 75 Ohm antenna with an FME-Female termination, meaning it works with 75 Ohm cable with an FME-Male termination.

What Kinds of Signal Does the All-Rounder Capture? What Radio Bandwidths?

The All-Rounder captures any signal between the 698-806, 806-960, 1710-2700 MHz bandwidths. That includes all 4G/LTE/3G cellular signal. This covers all US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, U.S. Cellular and more), Canadian carriers (Rogers, Bell, Telus, more), Mexican carriers (Telcel, Movistar, AT&T Mexico), and far more.

What Does dB Mean? What About Gain?

dB refers to the power gain of the antenna, and the higher the number, the more powerful the antenna. As dB is measured on a logarithmic scale, every +3 dB represents a doubling of the power gain.

Will the All-Rounder Work with My Carrier?

The All-Rounder will work on any US or Canadian carrier, as well as most cellular carriers worldwide. If you are not sure your country’s carrier will work with The All-Rounder, verify whether your service falls within the 698-2700 MHz bandwidth, and if so, it will work.

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