The Honcho Desktop Antenna
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The Honcho Desktop Antenna


The Perfect Companion for Any Desk

  • 50 Ohm Indoor Desktop Cellular Antenna
  • Designed for use inside a home/office study
  • Compact size makes it great for use in any RV or with vehicles
  • Versatile, stylish, elegant
  • 50 Ohm, SMA-Male cable termination
  • Up to +2.5 dB of gain
Where To Buy

The Honcho: sized tiny, built mighty. This unassuming little pillar will create an aura of great signal so you can get calls, stream, and text where you need it.

We call this desktop antenna The Honcho because it’s our most versatile indoor antenna – it’s useful with both home and vehicle signal boosters. This thing provides a bigger boost than the low-profile antenna used in most vehicle kits. It works as an inside building antenna with coverage up to 1-2 rooms.

Its versatility and style let it blend in seamlessly with any home décor, but you’ll see the difference in cell signal immediately. The Honcho is a 50 Ohm multi-band antenna that has up to +2.5 dB gain. However, our customers have told us they get the best signal within 8 feet of the antenna. It comes attached to several feet of RG-174 cable with SMA-Male termination.

The Honcho antenna works with all cell phone signal boosters (weBoost, SureCall, Cel-Fi, etc.), and cellular hotspots (Pepwave, MoFi, Netgear Nighthawk, etc).

You have questions. We have answers.

When Should I Buy the Honcho?

The Honcho is best purchased as a replacement for a desktop antenna or as an upgrade to a vehicle signal booster. They are more powerful than the indoor antennas that are kitted with mobile boosters and can increase the coverage in vehicle.

Bear in mind that The Honcho is a 50 Ohm antenna with an SMA-J (SMA-Female) termination, meaning it works best with 50 Ohm cable and SMA-P (SMA-Male) termination.

How Many Indoor Antennas Should I Buy?

Indoor antennas effectively expand your antenna coverage, so buying more with a powerful system makes a lot of sense. The specific number is something you’ll need to figure out yourself – but here are some relevant questions to ask:

  • Is my outside signal weak? Weak outdoor signal makes it harder to add more antennas to a system.
  • Where do I most need enhanced cellular? Is it more than one place? Are these places near each other? If yes, getting another antenna is a no-brainer.
What Kinds of Signal Does the Honcho Broadcast? What Radio Bandwidths?

The Honcho broadcasts any signal between the 698-2700 MHz bandwidths. That includes all 4G/LTE/3G/2G cellular signal. This covers all North American carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and more) and most international carriers, as well.

However, all this is dependent on what your donor antenna(s) is capturing. The Honcho cannot create high-quality or strong signal on its own. If you’re only capturing one or two bandwidths, those are what The Honcho will broadcast.

What Does dB Mean? What About Gain?

dB refers to the power gain of the antenna, and the higher the number, the more powerful the antenna. As dB is measured on a logarithmic scale, every +3 dB represents a doubling of the power gain.

Will the Honcho Work with My Carrier?

The Honcho will work on any US or Canadian carrier, as well as most cellular carriers worldwide. If you are not sure your country’s carrier will work with The Honcho, verify whether your service falls within the 698-2700 MHz bandwidth, and if so, it will work.

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