Bolton 240 Low Loss Coax Cable, Black Jacket, 40 ft.
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Bolton 240 Low Loss Coax Cable, Black Jacket, 40 ft.

  • LMR®240 Equivalent
  • Flexible, 50 Ohm Low-Loss Cable
  • Black PE Jacket, CL3 Rated
  • Works with any RF System
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
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Maximize signal transmission with the best LMR®240 equivalent cable.

The Bolton 240 is an LMR®240 spec equivalent low-loss coaxial cable designed to facilitate the uninterrupted transfer of radio signals between RF devices while greatly reducing signal strength loss.

Attenuation per 100 ft:

  • 50 MHz - 1.74
  • 150 MHz - 3.02
  • 220 MHz - 3.66
  • 450 MHz - 5.27
  • 900 MHz - 7.56
  • 1500 MHz - 9.88
  • 1800 MHz - 10.85
  • 2500 MHz - 12.93

Thinner than the Bolton 400 and Bolton 600 coaxial cables, it has slightly higher loss but provides more flexibility. This makes installation much easier. It’s compatible with any 50 Ohm system, including cell phone boosters, radio systems, televisions, cable boxes, and WiFi routers.

CL3-rated, it's ideal for commercial and residential building applications. Manufactured with a durable weatherproof black PE jacket, it's safe to install indoors and outdoors. The patented triple shielding insulated interior ensures the lowest loss at its thickness for both highest signal quality and energy efficiency.

This is a black 40 ft coaxial cable with N-Male connectors. If you prefer a white PE jacket, check out the Bolton 240 Low-Loss Coaxial Cable White. LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave.

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