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Bolton Non-Penetrating Adjustable Sled Mount For Flat Roof and Ground Installations


Tripod Mounted, So Your Antennas Aren’t Going Anywhere

  • For difficult-access rooftop sites
  • Non-penetrating roof mount ideal for cellular and other antennas
  • Steel construction. 35" x 32" base
  • Features adjustable tilt 50” mast with 36” pole extension
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Have a big, honking antenna or two to put on your roof? The Bolton Non-Penetrating Adjustable Sled Mount gets it done without riddling your roof with holes. Get it where it needs to go.

The Bolton Non-Penetrating Adjustable Sled Mount makes installing satellite dishes, cellular antennas, wireless internet antennas, CCTV cameras, and more on a flat surface easy and drill-free.

Easy to assemble, you can have it set up in minutes. The 35" x 32" base allows the use of up to four concrete blocks to anchor Sled Mount to roof or ground. Sliding bracket makes Sled Mount capable of up to 9° forward tilt and 1° reverse tilt for optimal setup. Including a 36” pole extension allows for maximum height of 96”. Using extension pole is optional.

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