Announcing the Bolton Technical Portable Signal Unit Line

Written by Alex Baker
Expert Review by Sadruddin Currimbhoy
Apr. 27th, 2022

Better Cellular, Better Internet. Anywhere.

We’re so proud of what we have for you today.

The Bolton Portable Signal Unit (PSU), and its little sister, the Bolton Portable Signal Unit Mini (PSUM) are the first portable signal units on the market. They allow anyone to set up either fast WiFi or fast WiFi and cellular service on the go.

How? The Portable Signal Unit packs everything you need in a sturdy Pelican case.

A weBoost Home Room and a yagi antenna for weak cell areas. The Home Room is lightweight and provides up to +60 dB of gain to the cellular signal reaching your devices and included router. It connects multiple people at once.

A Bolton Blazer LTE CAT 6 router to turn that boosted cellular into reliable internet. With dual-SIM capabilities, the Blazer can automatically connect to the strongest network. It works with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Two rechargeable batteries for up to 18 hours of service, anywhere. A tripod for easy mounting. All the cable you need to get everything up and running.

Like we said: anywhere, anytime. Check the Geek Sheets (spec sheets) if you don’t believe us.

Portable Signal Unit Specs | Portable Signal Unit Mini Specs

Out all day in the field?

The Bolton Portable Signal Unit keeps you connected. We’ve designed it with quick setup in mind: the entire process of setting up and tearing down takes no more than a few minutes. Our simple, 11 step process will have you up and running before anyone can complain.

The 11 Steps:

  1. Open Pelican case
  2. Lift deck and remove components
  3. Install removable battery in battery dock on underside of deck
  4. Assemble tripod, adding weight if needed
  5. Attach quick mount to yagi, then to tripod
  6. Point yagi at nearest cell tower
  7. Connect one end of coaxial cable to yagi antenna
  8. Connect the other end to signal booster
  9. Lift router’s LTE and WiFi antennas
  10. Power on the PSU and connect your device to the WiFi router’s signal
  11. Enjoy better WiFi and cellular!
  12. One of those is literally opening the case. We wanted to be thorough.

No Electricity? No Problem.

The PSU and PSU Mini are so doggone stubborn, they refuse to not work. Their M18 lithium batteries last for up to 9 hours apiece. The Pelican case is so sturdy, you can throw it off a staircase and your router will still work. Rain, sleet, snow, or shine, nothing gets in there without your say so. It weighs around 50 lbs (22.5 kg), but don’t fret: it comes with rollers, so it’s easy to move about. Convenience is key.

I Don’t Care About Cellular – Just Give Me Internet!

The Mini’s got you covered. It does away with the signal booster but keeps the Blazer. It’s even more portable, with a smaller case and overall weight, so if you spend a lot of time in areas where cellular signal is reliable, the Mini is even more ideal for you. Since it doesn’t have the signal booster, it’s even easier to setup.

Look at those 11 steps again. Now remove all the steps relating to antennas and pointing and the like. What’re you left with?

6 steps. One of which is just “opening your case.”

Talk about simple.

What Sort of Person Would Need Something Like the Bolton Portable Signal Unit?

I imagine many of you reading this are just the sort who might need this – but in case you aren’t, let’s spitball a few ideas.

  • Remote field work (archaeology, mining, construction, oilfields, etc.)
  • Temporary structures (pop ups, food trucks, conventions, demo kiosks, etc.)
  • Travelling sales work
  • Forestry
  • Recreational campers or RVers

...and many more!

Hopefully that little list gives you some idea of whether you could use something like the Portable Signal Unit. If you’re still unsure, give us a call at 1-888-987-2658 and we’ll give you all the help you need.

The Bolton Portable Signal Unit is being sold exclusively through our partner, Signal Boosters.

So go ahead! Get yours now, and enjoy better signal anywhere.

Who wrote this article?
Who wrote this article?
Alex Baker
Senior Copywriter – Bolton Technical
Alex has been studying all things Signal Boosters for the past 5 years. He knows things and he likes to write about them. He’s also a best selling author of fiction novels and an avid video game player. He will take you to the mat with his WWE facts. He cooks a mean fried rice. He dislikes driving very much.
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