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What IS an antenna? “Antennas” can be either mechanical or biological, but signal is the constant among them. Whether you’re talking about a satellite antenna or the teeny-tiny antenna on the squishy face of an ant, the ability to transmit and receive signal is key. While we haven’t branched out into biological antennae, the mechanical antennas we carry provide the best transmission and reception of any type of signal for their price anywhere. It’s a passion of ours.

  • The Quicksilver Yagi Directional Antenna


    Mercury’s got nothing on the speed of signal you’ll get with this thing.

    • Over 5 miles of range
    • Up to +11 dBi of gain
    • 45° directional beam, 50 Ohm, N-Female termination
    • Covers 698-2700MHz cellular bandwidths, all cellular carriers
    • ABS antenna cover, waterproof, UV-resistant
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