The Long Ranger and The Crossbow Ranged to Over 12 Miles

Written by Alejandra Jasso
Sep 7th, 2021

We Went Above 10 Miles on Range with The Crossbow AND The Long Ranger

When the Bolton Technical team took both the The Crossbow 5G, a cross-polarized MIMO antenna and our flagship antenna The Long Ranger, our +28dB high ultra-gain parabolic cellular antenna to the gorgeous Fireside Ranch in Round Top, Texas... little did we know just how far the closest cellular tower was. And what we learned blew our minds, all right.

Turns out that amidst the rolling hills, trees, grass and picturesque Texas countryside, our location was 12.7 miles to the tower. You read that right, folks, 12.7 miles from the Fireside Ranch to the closest cellular tower, meaning that both The Crossbow AND The Long Ranger literally performed like the rock stars we new them to be. So the next time you want to talk about range, then you now know why we say Bolton Technical is built for better signal.

Proof is in the pudding, folks - and this pudding is delicious. The performance was excellent, especially given the terrain challenges we faced!

Fast Take-Aways:
  • The Long Ranger and The Crossbow were tested at 12.7 Miles from the tower;
  • Line Of Sight was challenged / impacted by hills and trees;
  • The distance definitely exceeds the posted 10 miles for The Long Ranger;
  • While The Crossbow 5G does not have a distance listed on its Geek Sheet, it worked at over 10 miles
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