Bolton Technical Cables

Coaxial Cable in all shapes and lengths!

With our background in commercial installation, we know the most important aspect of cabling is how they handle the signal or current they carry. Might as well make them look nice, too. Bend well. Have weatherproof connectors that stay connected. The works. All our cable is the type we’d use ourselves on projects. No way would we offer you any less. So, check out our ever-growing stock of cable! Soon enough, the only cable you won’t find here is the X-Man.

  • Bright, blue, and ready for deployment."distributor-link-sb=https://www.signalboosters.com/bolton-technical-1-meter-n-male-bulkhead-to-qma-male-angle-coax-rf-pigtail-cable/

    • Low-PIM coaxial adapter jumper
    • Works with any RF system, including Cellular, WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA, Mobile Antennas
    • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
    • 50 Ohm impedance
    • Supports UL/NEC Plenum-class CMP
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